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New Forest

Foreign Scenes

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Prizes & Publications

Foreign Scenes
  • Autumn Sparkle-Venice 46cm x 92cm
  • Moroccan Tanneries 100cm x 130cm SOLD
  • Italian Washing 91cm x46cm
  • Cast Shadows-Italy 91cm x 46cm
  • Back Street-Amalfi 91cm x 46cm
  • Alleyway-Lisbon 91cm x 46cm
  • Sightseeing in Venice 73cm x 116cm SOLD
  • Greek Heatwave 73cm x 116cm
  • Ciao Mama IV 75cm x 100cm
  • The Tanneries at Fez SOLD
  • Young Children-Venice Ghetto 73cm x 116cm
  • Italian Shadows 91cm x 46cm SOLD
  • Venetian Alleyway 91cm x 46cm
  • Ciao Mama III 91cm x 46cm
  • Venetian Canal IV 27cm x 19cm
  • Cast Shadows-Italia 70cm x 60cm
  • A Lick Of Venetian Paint 35cm x 35cm SOLD
  • Last Light-Grand Canal 70cm x 121 cm
  • Early Risers-Venice 55cm x 71cm
  • Fading Light-Grand Canal 73cm x 116cm
  • Venice-Creeping Shadows IV 70cm x 122cm
  • Fishing Nets-Algarve 76cm x 122cm
  • Snorkelling II 20cm x 25cm
  • Cooling Off 20cm x 25cm
  • Venice 'Redentore' Fireworks 65cm x 85cm
  • Last Light-Istanbul SOLD
  • Venice-Creeping Shadows III 71cm x 87cm SOLD
  • Tending to the Lilies-Giverney III 49cm x 74cm
  • Hanging Washing-Burano 49cm x 74cm
  • Washday Burano I 40cm x 60cm
  • Away from the tourists-Venice 89cm x 89cm SOLD
  • Calm Reflections-Venice 84cm x 42cm
  • Venetian Sunrise 30cm x 40cm Sold
  • Snorkelling 19.5cm x 25.5cm SOLD
  • Cruise Ship Departing Venice 86cm x 109cm
  • Darkness Descends over Venice 57cm x 77cm SOLD
  • Night Falls-Venice 27cm x 27cm SOLD
  • The Tanneries At Fez III 32cm x 42cm SOLD
  • You Promised To Take Me For A Walk 25cm x 20cm
  • Night Reflections-Venice 20cm x 25cm Sold
  • Venetian Artist 30cm x 40cm
  • Venetian Children Filling Their Bottles 29cm x 39cm
  • Reflections at Water's Edge 73cm x 116cm SOLD
  • Sun sinks behind Venice 73cm x 116cm
  • Venice Awakens 100cm x 150cm SOLD
  • Tending To The Lillies-Giverney II 73 cm x 116cm Sold
  • Quiet Venetian Backwater 104cm x 43cm SOLD
  • Feeding The Goldfish-Sardinia 30cm x 50cm
  • Tending to the Lillies-Giverney III 60cm x 60cm SOLD
  • First Light-Grand Canal 73cm x 116cm SOLD
  • Summer Shadows-Essaouirra 92cm x 122cm SOLD
  • Sunrise Over Venice 40cm x 60cm
  • Venice-Creeping Shadows II 22cm x 32cm SOLD
  • Piazza San marco-Evening Shadows 48cm x 58cm SOLD
  • Darkness Falls-Grand canal 73cm x 116cm SOLD
  • Creeping Shadows-Grand Canal 73cm x 113cm SOLD
  • The Tanneries, Fez-Morrocco 91cm x 122cm Sold
  • Sorrento 80cm x 100cm
  • Escaping the Heat of Sorrento 35cm x 60cm
  • Low Cloud Over Amalfi 45cm x 70cm
  • Sorrento-Looking Towards Naples 30cm x 30cm
  • Reflections at giverney II 30cm x 50cm
  • Giverney III 76cm x 122cm
  • Tending To The Lillies-Giverney 35cm x 60cm SOLD
  • Last Light-Istanbul 91cm x 150cm SOLD
  • Towards Big Ben-Sun Breaking Through 100cm x 160cm
  • Accross the Lagoon 91cm x 150cm
  • Reflections at giverney 76cm x 122cm SOLD
  • Sparkle on the Canale Grande 100cm x 150cm
  • Light Fading Rapidly On The Grand Canal 100cm x 160cm
  • Street Traders-Venice 29cm x 44cm SOLD
  • Mgarr Harbour - Gozo 80cm x 120cm SOLD
  • Autumn Glow-Grand Canal 70cm x 100cm SOLD
  • Last Light-Piazza San Marco 30cm x 40cm SOLD
  • View from Accademia Bridge-Venice 70 cm x 100cm SOLD
  • Santa Maria Della Salute 23 cm x 57cm Sold
  • Sparkle on The Grand Canal 30cm x 60cm
  • Last Light-Grand Canal 70cm x 100cm SOLD
  • A Balcony in Lisbon II 25cm x 35cm Sold
  • Fading Light on The Bosphorus 60cm x 122cm Sold
  • Greek Washing Line III 50cm x 90cm Sold
  • Facade-Lisbon 44cm x 38cm Sold
  • Facade in Lisbon II 25cm x 35cm SOLD
  • A Balcony in Lisbon 26cm x 36cm SOLD
  • Caravaggio in Naples 60cm x 90cm
  • Greek Facade 30cm x 60cm Sold
  • A lick of paint-Venice 30cm x 30cm SOLD
  • The Stonemason-Marrakesh III 75cm x 122cm
  • Fiat Cinquecento - Rome 30 cm x 50cm Sold
  • High-Rise-Naples 120cm x 100cm Sold

The ‘Foreign Scenes’ section contains subjects from around Europe and Northern Africa. Whether I’m walking around Marrakech, or the back streets of Venice, what excites me are snapshots of everyday life well away from the well trodden tourist routes. Light and shade plays an important role in all my work, but especially in these subjects, as they bring a painting to life.